3 Responses to “Eastern Help for Western Stress, Part II – Practical Help for Meditation Success”

  1. Abdelmjid Seghir Says:

    Thank you Lynne for the informative article.

    I liked the suggestions and I think that I have to try the “sitting and focusing on my breath” style. It seems to be the easiest one. I used to do the Lotus position when I as a kid, but I doubt I can do it now as I’m far less flexible than I used to be.

    Yes, I think the real problem is when the mind wanders away when you want it to focus one particular thing or do one particular activity. I hope these techniques will help me enhance my concentration and ability to meditate.

    Thanks a lot Guru :))


  2. Judy Says:

    Thanks for the straightforward explanation. I will give this a try.


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