Reasons You Read Intercultural Meanderings….

Blog Reader, Man

What is the number one reason you read this blog?  Unfortuntely, the software does not allow checking multiple answers in poll below, so feel free to add any additional comments below.

Please add in the comments below any new topics you would be interested in seeing covered on this blog.

Blog Reader, Woman

Thank you!

–Lynne Diligent

3 Responses to “Reasons You Read Intercultural Meanderings….”

  1. RainDancer Says:

    I follow this blog, because it’s really interesting! I’m interested in knowing how people belonging to different cultures think and behave. So, I always learn new things here and sometimes, I even help someone understand something related to Middle Eastern or North African cultures.

    This blog isn’t only informative, it’s fun to read, as well.
    Keep up the great work, Lynne!


    • Lynne Diligent Says:

      Thank you, Rain Dancer! Is there any type of article which is your favorite, or which you would like to see more of?


      • RainDancer Says:

        I’m interested in articles that show how Americans view the Middle east and its population, in addition to articles that tell how Americans believe Arabs and Muslims think of them.
        However, I can enjoy other kinds of articles such as articles on education or any other issue.
        Thanks and Merry Christmas;)


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