About Me

I am an American expat who traveled much of the world before the internet;  I’ve lived and worked in the Middle East since 1990.  I’m married to a Middle-Easterner and have raised my children in the Middle East.  My blog is about intercultural business issues, expat issues, and multicultural issues of all types.  I can be reached at lynnediligent@gmail.com.


Lynne Diligent

5 Responses to “About Me”

  1. eva626 Says:

    hey nice to meet you. you write about very meaning ful and interesting topics! your writing and way of explaining and giving information drives me into the post. It makes me want to read all of it!!! thats a great thing. nice blog you have!!!


  2. Jean Paul Says:

    Hi. I have not been to N. Africa but to many other parts of the world and your blog is adding to my general knowledge. Thanks for all the great information.


  3. Karen Says:

    Thanks for featuring my blog on your blog roll. I appreciate it!


  4. Gary J. Cohen Says:

    It is nice to meet someone who is in touch with all the issues of an intercultural life.

    Liked by 1 person

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